Fragrance Oil Soaps

Fragrance oils offer a wide variety of scents. So if you are looking for a soap with the scent of fruit and nuts, or one that is sweet and woodsy, browse our fragrance oils soaps and you may find a new favorite.

Bars weigh about 4-5+ oz. each.

Apples & Cinnamon – sweet and spicy soap photos Sept. 11, 2013 008 (2)Aqua Turbulence – with unrefined shea
sept 12 soap 009Black Raspberry Vanilla – with unrefined shea butter
Cherries, Almonds, & Oats – with shea butter and oats
IMG_8595 (2)Coconut Lime – with coconut milk IMG_0137Spicy Gingerbread – warm and spicy
 Fresh Cucumber – contains cucumber puree